A Russian Helicopters remek jó videójában töviről hegyire bemutatja a Mi-35P típusú harci és szállító helikoptert, sőt egy rövid, de látványos repülésre is ‘elviszik’ a nézőt!

Tests of upgraded Mi-35P combat-transport helicopter

Type tests of upgraded Mi-35P combat-transport helicopter are underway. Mi-35P features improved target sight system with 3-gen matrix long-wave thermal imaging device, high-resolution color TV camera and laser range-finder. Also the helicopter is fitted with the new digital piloting suite which improves the helicopter’s controllability and stability while rendering the piloting process automatic. Modified sighting and computer system improved the accuracy of target engagement. #RussianHelicopters #Mi35P #Rostvertol #helicopter

Közzétette: Russian Helicopters – 2019. szeptember 9., hétfő

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